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About us

JSK Traffic Control Services Inc. is Vancouver Island’s premier traffic control company based in Chemainus, BC.

JSK Traffic Control Services Inc was established in 2000.  We were the first company on Vancouver Island to achieve the COR (Certificate of Recognition) certification in our industry and second in the Province of British Columbia.

Our complete knowledge of traffic management is integral to the Vancouver Island commuters.  Our planning department is capable of providing Category 1 – 5 Traffic Management plans that result in lane closures that are required for large infrastructure projects, utility works, special events, filming for movies and commercials, detours, road closures and road repairs.

JSK’s expertise in the day to day business of traffic management in all aspects has attracted many clients such as municipal, utility and construction companies which are the core of our business. As a result of our many years of experience and dedication to traffic management services on Vancouver Island streets and arterial roads, we have established solid relationships with local governing agencies, inspectors and The Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI).  This in turn has provided JSK with the knowledge of what is expected and reduces the interruption or interjections by local agencies concerned about public safety.

Generally, TCPs on Vancouver Island are dispatched to sites in their personal vehicles carrying a minimal number of advance warning signs and are required to set up the site. JSK employees are deployed to sites in our new 2018 fleet of full size half ton Ford & GMC trucks equipped with signage and devices to meet or exceed the clients’ needs and expectations.

JSK Traffic Control Services Inc. has made a mark in the traffic control industry as the leading training provider, as well as the main service provider across mid Vancouver Island.  JSK Traffic Control Services has been largely run by the Director of Operations, Sharron Elliott staring out with a small staff and continuously growing to the current number of 70 employees and 35 lane closure trucks.  JSK is on a massive growth trajectory that will accommodate all regions on Vancouver Island.


We have the largest and youngest Lane Closure fleet on Vancouver Island due to ongoing renewal program

The entire lane closure fleet is equipped with MoTI (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastrastructure) certified highway arrow boards

In-house TCP Certification and ongoing training of our employees. Our staff is highly trained and up to date on their certifications at all times 

Our TCP instructors are BCCSA qualified 

We do both short term and long term lane closures

We have Level 1,2,&3 First Aid attendants 

Traffic Control Consultations and Site Inspections

Comprehensive in-house Traffic Control Planning including complex engineered sealed plans

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